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Chris Hemsworth All Set to Feature As Hulk Hogan in The Wrestler’s Biopic


Chris Hemsworth All Set to Feature As Hulk Hogan in The Wrestler’s Biopic

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Chris Hemsworth, also known as Hulk, is all set to become the Hulk Hogan in an upcoming film on Netflix. This news has sometime been a rumour, but now has been confirmed, Thor to Hulk is happening. This will be about the wrestling Hulk, and will not be related to Marvel’s Hulk. Chris Hemsworth will be acting in the movie that will be produced by Michael Sugar, who has already won an Academy Award for Spotlight. It will be a joint effort by a number of people like Todd Philips, Bradley Cooper.

John Pollono will write the script down along with Scott Silver. Netflix is presently working on the movie rights, which will speak of the rise of Hogan that led to a movement called Hulkamania. The movie won’t talk much about the career and the sex tapes that hit the headlines in the year 2012.

Hogan is one of the most loved, and yet is one of the most controversial wrestlers of all times. Hogan gained a lot of popularity in the WWF, and got a lot of fans during this phase. He was a phenomenon in the 80s – television, cartoons, movies, records, and even lunch boxes. Hogan’s marriage was destroyed  with the sex tape that got out, and a culmination of all of these effects would lead to a great biopic.

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