11 Vegetarian German Delicacies You Must have Before You Die


Yes, you read that title right! There are some amazing delicacies from Germany that are absolutely mouth-watering , and fear not, because they are all vegetarian. You can easily enjoy these without having to worry about which kind of meat and whether it will be suitable for you. Thus  without further ado  we bring you these 11 dazzling delicacies :’


German Mac and Cheese. Simply delicious and perfect  with the right amount of cheese in it.

 Rote Grütze

A fruit pudding made out of red fruits and vanilla sauce. It is the perfect healthy snack to enjoy after a succulent meal.

Handkäs mit Musik

Sour milk cheese marinated with chopped onions and caraway. Definitely a must try amidst all the beautiful savouries.

Handkäs mit Musik


Potato waffles. Delicious , easy to make and beautiful.

Frankfurter Grüne Sauce

A cold sauce with 7 fresh herbs in it. It will go along with any crispy food you decide to make.


Sauerkraut soup. A German delicacy and part of their staple diet. This is something you cannot avoid.

 Schupfnudeln mit Sauerkraut

Potato dumplings rolled into little torpedo shapes, fried with sauerkraut. This will make for a succulent lunch and a great starter for accompanying other dishes.

 Thüringer Klöße

Another type of potato dumplings. Its distinctive flavour makes it a must-have when you are experimenting with German food.

 Thüringer Klöße


Pancakes made from quark cheese and potatoes. An interesting combination guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

Süße Rohrnudeln

Sweet plum filled Oven Buns. Will send you to heaven and back with its taste.


Spiced cheese and beer spread. Need an appetizer with your drinks or need a good snack before dinner? This is the one you should go for.

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