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5 Foods That Help You To Control Your Blood Sugar Level

5 Foods That Help You To Control Your Blood Sugar Level


5 Foods That Help You To Control Your Blood Sugar Level

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Diabetes is a killer disease of this century – although the effects and the deaths aren’t quick, most people get affected by this deadly health disorder. This is a medical condition where high levels of sugar circulate in one’s blood. The commonest ways to get rid of this condition is to control the diet, exercise well, and sometimes take in medication or insulin as suggested by the doctor. Below listed are few foods which can be taken that help to control diabetes:


Known for its antibiotic properties, garlic is already a great beneficial food that should be eaten daily. This vegetable is also low in carbs and is an ideal herbal cure for those who suffer from diabetes. The vegetable helps to regulate metabolism, and controls insulin secretion. There are other benefits associated too – which include good heart health, pressure maintenance and more. Either eat it raw, after you wake up, or include in curries and salads.


Typically with the lowest glycemic index, these are rich in antioxidants, making it a vital food for those who are diabetic. Take in almonds and walnuts on a daily basis for best results. They help to reduce inflammation too. Snack on nuts or include them in yoghurt – they are extremely healthy.


Full of protein, these are fibrous and help in digestion. Beans, chickpeas, lentils are all filled with nutrition – trace elements and other requisites are filled in them. Consume after making a vegetable, or curry out of them.


A spice that is extremely beneficiary, this one has a lot of antioxidants. Used in kitchen regularly, including this in your meals is super easy. You may drink infused cinnamon water or include it in tea for best results.

Chia Seed

The super food with omega 3 oils and antioxidants, this helps to control sugar and fats in blood. You could add this to juices, fruits, salads or soups. Drinking a glass of chia seed water also aids in weight loss.

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